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Nocode solutions for your startup
Welcome to Anticode Development
Your Software Agency based in Berlin

Software development is expensive and slow. Especially if you want to quickly test a new idea on the market, conventional software development can quickly become an obstacle in terms of development time and costs.. That's why we have specialized in creating online solutions using nocode/lowcode methods. For most applications, these systems are usually completely sufficient and give you the opportunity to make changes themselves. In addition, you save a lot of time and money and can therefore reduce your risk to the absolute minimum.


Faster than conventional software development


Successful Projects


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What we offer


You require a modern website with a creative design for your company or a landing page for your startup? We will create a Website for you in a few weeks and will help you to strengthen your online presence. Whether you need a Google Maps integration, an email newsletter, an online blog or a contact form integrated on your website: we realize all your wishes.

Alexa Skills

We strongly believe that voice-driven apps and artificial intelligence are the future. We have therefore specialised in creating Alexa Skills for our clients, to help them improve their user experience and increase engagement.

Online Shop

If you sell products you will likely have thought of having your own online shop to expand your reach and increase your sales. We give you the opportunity to set up a fully functional online shop in less than a month. For this we use the modern shop-building system "Shopify". 


Using chatbots is a great way to improve conversions and offer a more tailored experience for your users. We develop tailor-made chatbots, leveraging current frameworks and implementing them in your website, webapp or online shop.

Complex Webapp

You would like to have a complex web application, for example an application with features similar to Airbnb? No problem! With the help of visual programming we can create a fully functional webapp with an online marketplace, search functions, rating system, automated emails, booking systems and much more in a matter of a few weeks and low price. Just contact us and let us advise you!


Our team can help you to carve out a marketing strategy that suits your product and your team. We have several years of experience,

launching digital products and can assist you by helping your product gain the attention it deserves.


Our Customers


Looking for a Cofounder?

We can become your CTO

Your are looking for a long-term partner or do not have the required Budget? Just contact us ! We are always looking for motivated Entrepreneurs with a great idea.

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