Our Nocode Plugins

This Plugin allows you to create your own search engine from scratch or just integrate a search functionality into one of your apps.

This Plugin enables you to add a variety of up to date financial Data to your Application.

This Plugin allows you to find definitions ,related words and much for more than 150,000 words.

This Plugin uses the ColorTag API, which is a powerful API for color detection. You can upload any image and the Plugin will return a list of the colours (in hex color code) that are present in the image. 

This Plugin enables you to add up to 12 beautiful loading animations to your bubble app, greatly enhancing the user experience .

Add up to 24 different animations to your app.

"Shaking" animations for your app

Loading animations for your webapp

17 beautiful loading spinners with incredible animations

Countdowns, Timers and more!

Check the validity, card type and length validity of a credit card number

"On hover" Button effects for your app

Detect when the user is leaving your website

Animated spinner with a fullscreen loading mask

Dynamically zoom onto images

Dynamically generated particle animations

Add a classical Pattern Lock to your app similar to the lock screen of an Android Smartphone.

This Plugin allows you to fold up and interact with all your elements in an Origami style.

Dynamic Favicon

Scroll effect for your webapp

Image Zoomer for your websites

Loading Overlays for your Webapp

Detect when the user has become inactive

Dynamically blur out Elements on your page

Let the browser read out any text on your app

Use a custom image as the mouse cursor

Transform and Translate Elements

Animated Shapes for your webapp

"Confetti" style animation

Animated Image drawing

Easy to use to audio player

Create animated Bubbles on click

iOS styled spinner

iOS-styled notifications for your app

Change your page title dynamically

Focus on elements within your app

Loading spinner for your app

Dynamically share text

Emoji Ratings for your app

Prevent duplicate windows/tabs

Highlight any keywords

Display an Analog Clock

Modify Cookies

Loading animation with minigame

Image Filters

Browser push notifications

Animated number counter

MP3 Audio Player

Loading Spinner in Material Design

Gradient Animations

Circle and Sem-Circle Progress Bars